From the Exodus to King Akhnaton (Doubleday, 1952) was published as the first of two
proposed volumes under the general title, Ages In Chaos, in which Velikovsky intended to
set forth his reconstruction of the chronology of the ancient lands of the East
Mediterranean, prior to the conquests of Alexander the Great.


In the event, the amount of material to be investigated, and the complexity of the
ideas presented led to an expansion from two to several volumes, of which two
others were published during Velikovsky's lifetime (Peoples of the Sea and 
Ramses II and His Time).  Other volumes were published posthumously, but this
web site is not concerned with them at present.


Although Ages In Chaos is actually the title of the series of books, it is very commonly used as the title of this first volume.  The thrust of his argument was that, by removing an unspecified 500 years from Egyptian history, the events of the Biblical Exodus could be aligned with the start of the Egyptian Hyksos period, the Hyksos period itself with the Conquest and Judges periods of Biblical history, and the early kings of Israel and Judah with the powerful and brilliant Egyptian 18th Dynasty.



Chapter I: In Search of a Link Between Egyptian and Israelite Histories


Chapter II: The Hyksos


Chapter III: The Queen of Sheba


Chapter IV: The Temple In Jerusalem


Chapter V: Ras Shamra


Chapter VI: The El-Amarna Letters


Chapter VII: The El-Amarna Letters (Continued)


Chapter VIII: The El-Amarna Letters (Concluded)