23 April 2015

Initial loads to the site:

F.Ll Griffith: The Shrine of El Arish

G. Goyon: The El Arish Shrine Inscription (French Translation)

Goyon and Griffith: Side-by-side translation


T. Hayter Lewis: Tell el-Yehoudeh

W. Spiegelberg: The So-Called Demotic Chronicle

24 April 2015

Updated with Editor's Preface:


New uploads:

F.Ll. Griffith: The Shrine of El Arish


F.Ll. Griffith: The Antiquities of Tell el-Yahudiyeh

E. Naville: The Mound of the Jew

E. Brugsch-Bey: On and the City of Onias

26 April 2015

Restructured Ages In Chaos by chapter


New upload:

New upload

Breasted: The Battle of Megiddo

26 April 2015

Restructured Peoples of the Sea by chapter


Restricted chapter links to those with uploaded materials

Introduced "page" icon to signal chapters with uploaded materials

27 April 2015

New upload

Naville: Naval Expedition to the Land of Punt

7 May 2015

New upload

New upload

Breasted: The Punt Reliefs

Breasted: The Punt Reliefs

Completed and edited Preface

14 May 2015

18 May 2015

Revised site title and Home page description.

Noldeke: On the Amalekites

17 Aug 2015

New upload

20 Aug 2015

New upload

Seligsohn: Amalik

27 Aug 2015

New upload

Tuch: Amu, Amalekite, and Hyksos

28 Oct 2016

New page

FORREST: Guide to Velikovsky's Sources (awaiting upload)

New uploads

7 Nov 2016

Intro and chapters 1 - 15 of Forrest's Guide